1. The fabric used by Hevto magic leggings is mainly neoprene and nylon cloth. Thickness is about 1.3mm. It is light and breathable, healthy, soft and comfortable. Neoprene is widely used in wetsuits, so magic pants are also used as wetsuit pants, gives you a better warmth experience in the water, available for water sports such as surfing, swimming, diving and so on, As sauna pants, magic helps double aerobic fitness exercise effect. Even dressing it in daily activities, magic performs very well.


2. Magic sauna pants have a more comfortable wearing experience, light and breathable, like the second layer of your body's skin. Magic slimming leggings can lock the heat of the waist, tummy, buttocks and legs, helps you to double burning fat, reduce moisture weight more easily, tighten skin tissue, greatly reduce cellulite, and neoprene's unique fabric performance allows you to sweat three times more than usual during exercise, as if the effect of the sauna, which doubles the effect of exercise.


3. Wearing magic fitness pants regularly can contribute to promoting the skin to be smoother and tighter. Daily activities or aerobic exercise indoors or outdoors can increase body heat in a short time and accelerate perspiration to enhance calorie burning. And magic neoprene pants can help to improve cellulite, reduce fat deposits, and drain excess water and harmful toxins, hence it is a more efficient way to lose weight.


4. Magic sweat pants have a good support effect on postpartum recovery and weight loss exercise. It helps double fitness training and aerobic exercise effect, such as running, walking, jogging, pilates, yoga, surfing, swimming, cycling, muscle training, postpartum recovery etc, and it is also suitable for any kinds of fitness exercises. Magic shaper leggings can effectively help to improve the posture of training exercises, maintain your correct limb stretch and create a more beautiful figure.

Hevto Women Weight Loss Pants 1.3mm Neoprene Sweat Sauna Legging



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