1. SUPPLE & FIT - Made of 3mm high elastic durable neoprene material, the HEVTO diving socks are supple and fit. Even when you walk long time on the beach wearing the neoprene socks, you will not feel any uncomfortable friction between the foots skin and fabric. The socks openings are folded and stitched with smooth skin neoprene, very soft and comfortable, this can improve the holding power between you feet and the socks, then prevent the socks from falling when you do a severe exercise.
2. WEARPROOF & ANTISLIP - The sock sole and outer front are made of wearproof and heavy-duty fabric. Even when you walk on rough surfaces occasionally such as rocks and gravel, without damaging them as you would with standard diving neoprene socks. The heavy duty fabric can improve the sole anti-slip performance, you can play on the beach freely. 
3. SANDPROOF & WATERPROOF - We use the glue- blind stitch technique to make the diving socks, and the Japan Black Glue we used can extend the service life of the HEVTO dive socks. Even when the socks were in the sea longtime, there is no water immersion, and it can also prevent the tiny sands come in the socks.


4. FUNCTIONS - The HEVTO beach socks can prevent sand damage when recreation on the beach, and you can walk on hot rocks. When you dive in the sea, the socks can protect your feet from coral and reef scratches and even protect your feet from temperature loss. The socks are for the best fit and grip in your full foot pocket diving fins, so that the fins are more suitable to wear and avoid chafe.


5.USAGES -The HEVTO dive & beach socks are designed for universal use for both ladies and men. For watersports, such as swimming, diving, surfing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, rafting, boating, sailing. And for beach recreations, such as beach volleyball, soccer, tennis sports.

Hevto Diving Socks 3mm Neoprene High Cut for Beach Water Sports



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