Hevto Shorty Wetsuit for Kids 2mm Neoprene Red

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🐬Wetsuits are very important for children’s physical and mental safety and sports experience. Hevto wetsuits have multiple functions and can be used for different water activities, such as Swimming, Snorkeling and Diving. Wetsuits can help kids keep warm in colder water conditions. Also wetsuits can provide buoyancy to help children stay afloat in the water.

🦀The Hevto kids wetsuit is made of 2mm neoprene, which is soft and comfortable and can fit snugly to your child’s body without restricting movement. The back zipper design allows for more flexibility and movement. The wetsuit has multiple functions and is an essential piece of equipment for children’s water activities.

🐋Hevto children’s wetsuit can provide wind and warmth protection, prevent sunburn and scratches to the skin. It can be used for activities such as Beach activities, Water parks, Surfing, Paddleboarding, Kayaking and more. Overall, Wetsuits can provide extra protection for kids. wearing a kid’s wetsuit can help keep children safe, comfortable, and confident during water activities.

🦐With its unique wing-shaped structure on the shoulders and eye-catching blue stripes extending from the armpits to the thighs, the Guardian series has excellent visual recognition effects both underwater and on the water surface. The smooth and fashionable design will surely be loved by children who see it. This is the protection of parental love.


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Hevto Shorty Wetsuit for Kids 2mm Neoprene Red
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