Hevto Wetsuits Men Guardian Ⅱ 3/2mm & 5/3mm Neoprene Full Scuba Diving Suits

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Thickness: 3/2MM, 5/3MM
Closure: Back zip (No key pocket, No hood)
Structure: Long sleeves, long trousers
Materials: Three Layers Fabrics = 4-Way Stretch Fabric + Neoprene CR + Unbroken Loop Fabric
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▶  The first improvement of GUARDIAN ·Ⅱ wetsuits is A FULL UPGRADE of the wetsuit's materials, including the surface fabrics, the lining fabrics, and the core —— neoprene.
   ✦ To increase the Flexibility of the wetsuits, we replace nylon with 4-Way Stretch Fabrics as surface materials.
   ✦ To increase the Warm-keeping performance, we choose Unbroken Loop Fabrics as the lining after several repeated attempts.
   ✦ A higher-quality neoprene —— NEOPRENE CR is used as the main and core materials of GUARDIAN ·Ⅱ wetsuits. Neoprene CR is softer than Neoprene SBR, and also the stretch and flexibility are better.

▶  To get your money's worth, we also improve the Seaming Method of the wetsuits. 
   ✦After the panels of the wetsuit have been glued together, the thread only penetrates through part of the neoprene layer. In this way, achieve the effect that prevents water from coming in and increase the Warmth of the wetsuit. This is the GBS(Glued and Blind Stitching) seaming method. 
   ✦Besides, we Smooth the bump by spot-taped process on the stress points of seam lines, which can not only make the wetsuit become more Solid but also can reduce the friction damage to the skin during movement.

▶  We specially add Knee Pads on both knees, the position where easiest to be abraded. 
   ✦Knee pads use Strengthen Ottoman Fabric. One is to reinforce Protection for your knees, and two is to avoid the performance and the look of the wetsuit will be effect by worn knee fabrics.

▶  Wetsuits use a classic Back Zipper closure and the zipper also has been upgraded this time. 
   ✦The use feeling of the YKK Metal Zipper is first-class. If you're still worried that a zipper on the back will leave you hurry-scurry when putting on and taking off, I'd like to say your worries are unnecessary. Because Hevto has prepared an Extended Nylon Ribbon before you worry. You won't waste too much time putting on and taking off your wetsuit even if you go surfing alone.

▶  The sizes of GUARDIAN ·Ⅱ wetsuits are less than GUARDIAN ·Ⅰ wetsuits. But GUARDIAN ·Ⅱ wetsuits are still Worth Your Choice
   ✦The wetsuits can Stretch to fit different body shapes due to their excellent elasticity. This advantage is decided jointly by the High-Grade materials. Certainly, in the future, we will add more sizes according to actual demand. 
   ✦The main color of the wetsuit is black, which makes you look neat. Long sleeves and side seams are bright red as fire. The chest panel is printed with black plaid, showing a Unique visual effect while it reflects under the sun.

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   ✦ Your product will be shipped within 48 hours after you place your order. We will dispatch the product from the warehouse nearest to the shipping address of the order. You can track the progress of the logistics on the order page at any time. Under normal conditions, you will receive the wetsuit in 3~7 days. If the logistics are delayed due to a particular situation, please contact Hevto customer service staff for support.
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   ✦ Within 30 days from the date you received the wetsuit, you can request a return at any time. If you need to return the wetsuit, please confirm the product package and tags are in good condition firstly, then contact Hevto customer service staff to get a return label. We will provide detailed guidance for the return procedure. 
   ✦ You needn't pay the express fee of return. 

   ✦ We support the exchange service. If you need to exchange the wetsuit, please confirm the product package and tags are in good condition firstly, then contact Hevto customer service staff to get a return label. We will provide detailed guidance for the exchange procedure. 

1、How to clean my wetsuit?
① Immediately rinse your wetsuit in fresh, cold water after each use.
② Do not use hot water or saltwater to wash your wetsuit. Especially in hot water, neoprene will lose elasticity. Besides, leaving sand, salt, or chlorine on the wetsuit can also shorten the life of it.
③ Please use the specialty wetsuit cleaner provided by diving and surfing shops to remove odors, sweat, oil, and algae.
④ You can clean your wetsuit in the bathtub. Fill the bathtub with cold water, then add the specialty wetsuit cleaner and soak the wetsuit for 20 minutes.  After that, clean it by hand, especially in areas that are particularly prone to sweating, such as the armpits. Finally, flush the wetsuit inside out with cold water to remove all wetsuit cleaner residue.

2、How to dry my wetsuit? 
① After washing the wetsuit, make sure it is naturally dried so as not to damage the neoprene of the wetsuit.
② The interior of the wetsuit should be dried to avoid odors or mildew. Besides, dry the interior also helps extend the service life of the wetsuit.
③ Please use a hanger designed for a wetsuit or a heavy, padded hanger to hang the wetsuit and dry it indoors. 
④ If you have to hang the wetsuit outside, make sure it is kept in a cool and well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight, because the sunlight will damage the performance of the fabric.

3、How to store my wetsuit? How to fold it? 
① Check if your wetsuit has any cracks or breakages before storing it. If yes, take it to a wetsuit shop in time for repairs.
② Try to lay it flat or hang it up to store. Do not fold it. Folding for a long time will generate unrecoverable wrinkles on the neoprene.

★ "DO NOT" for Wetsuit Care: 
① Do not clean the wetsuit with hot water.
② Do not use a washing machine, dryer, iron.
③ Do not use bleach or any harsh cleaner.
④ Do not dry your wetsuit in the sunlight.
⑤ Do not leave it in the car boot for a long time.

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